ES CLARO (Yo Soy Aqui)

ES CLARO (Yo Soy Aqui)

The Gothic Tour:

Era muy interestante.... Yo aprendido mucho.

Barcelona is a city with a long history of tragedy and conquest. It is a city of filled with pride from many nations. The Gothic quarter the oldest part of Barcelona, some of the architecture dates back to the Roman era. 

The Cathedral rests on the outskirts of the Gothic quarter, acting almost as if an entrance to the past. The Cathedral is dedicated to Santa Eulàlia martyr, the patron saint of Barcelona. She was tortured to death in the late Roman period. The body of Santa Eulàlia lies buried under the high altar.

Inside the Gothic quarter there is also a statue dedicated to Sant Jordi, the patron saint of Catalan. The legend of Sant Jordi is one of my favorites:

Long ago a dragon lived in the village of Montblanc, southwest of Barcelona. The dragon was always hungry, so the people supplied him with one animal a day to keep him away from the village... Once he finished all the animals, they started sacrificing people...

One day the Princess was chosen to become the sacrifice. It was a sad day for the village but it had to be done. They took her to the dragon, he prepared to eat and then, a brave handsome knight known as Jordi, rode in on a horse and slayed the dragon. From the blood of the dragon grew a rose bush with a single rose which he gave to the princess. Jordi was then declared a Sant and was adored by all.

Sant Jordi's day is celebrated on the April 23rd, and on that day woman are traditionally gifted roses from their special companions and men are gifted books.